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The Advantages of IBI Wet Lubricated Boring Systems over dry boring systems are staggering:

  • The cost of the machine and cutting tools are some 55% LOWER than dry bore machines and auger costs.
  • The cost of trenching and clean up afterwards is SUBSTANTIALLY below dry bore. 
  • Costly Augers in various sized so not have to be stocked. The same drill bits and drill stem are used for ALL size bores in the IBI system. 
  • The amount and size of support equipment needed for IBI equipment is substantially smaller and less costly than that used by dry bore. 
  • The IBI equipment and process is five to six times FASTER than dry bore. 
  • The LOSS OF EXPENSIVE CASING IS AVOIDED. Should the pilot hole miss connections you can move machine to receiving pit and drill back until you connect with the first bore. 
  • Our customers estimate that the Total cost, per foot, to bore using IBI equipment is 76% cheaper than dry bore for the same size bore.